Friday, 31 August 2018

Do You Want an Environmentally Friendly Bed?

All of our beds at Green Woods Furniture (and indeed all of our other products) are only made from timber which has come from either:

1.     Reclaimed UK wood – from floors and roof joists etc in old buildings. 
For example our Brentwood and Stockhill beds as below, or

2.     Legally certified, sustainable sources  (as under the European Union Timber Regulation along with FSC/PEFC/CSA certifications).
For example the Plank Panel and Ash Cherrington beds below.

We do not use endangered tropical hardwoods.

Additionally, all of our beds are hand-made in the UK and are therefore low in relative terms on travel miles compared to many furniture companies.  

And with our reclaimed beds, as the wood is also UK sourced, they are environmentally friendly in every respect! 

Reclaimed Brentwood Bed
Reclaimed Brentwood Bed

Reclaimed Stockhill Bed Reclaimed Stockhill Bed

In buying one of our beds made from reclaimed wood you will have a unique piece of furniture as it will be both hand-made for you and have its own individual marks which give it its character and remind us of its historical past.

Our pine and ash beds, where new wood is used, are made from either Scandinavian or yellow Quebec Pine and English Ash – all of it FSC, PEFC or CSA certified.  See for example our Plank Panel or Plank Gate beds (Pine) and our Cherrington beds (Ash) below:

Plank Panel Bed

Ash Cherrington bed
Ash Cherrington Bed

It is very important to us that all of our makers are using wood that has been certified in this way and that we are all part of the process of working with only ethically sourced and therefore environmentally friendly wood.   In addition the wood comes from local mills meaning waste is minimised and offcuts and shavings are re-used, recycled or used for fuel.

So if you want to buy a beautiful, solid, hand-made and environmentally friendly bed, please visit us either in our Bristol shop or online at
And once you have chosen your new bed you can, if you wish, choose one of our luxurious organic mattresses with bedding from our organic bedding range for a perfect night`s sleep!

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