Thursday, 17 May 2018

New 'Plastic-free' label introduced for UK shoppers.

Plastic use and waste has, as we know, become a major issue throughout the world.  

We are now aware of the devastating impact our plastic use is having on the oceans and wider environment.  

We don’t yet know what the consequences may be on human health - we do know, however, that plastic has been found in tap water, sea salt and fish. 

Many of us are constantly looking for ways to reduce our own personal plastic waste and it`s encouraging now we are starting to see some of the larger businesses looking to do the same. 

The environmental campaign group A Plastic Planet today unveiled a “plastic-free” trust mark for businesses to use, particularly on food and drink products.  

This will guarantee no “hidden” plastic packaging.   

Early adopters of the trust mark are the supermarket Iceland and the tea company, Teapig.  

As supermarkets make up a large proportion of where people do their household shopping (not everyone is so lucky to have a Gloucester Rd on their doorstep!) we feel this is great news. 

If the pressure can be put on for other supermarket giants to follow suit, it will make it so much easier for people who want to make plastic-free choices to do so. 

Ultimately it could be a significant move forward to reducing plastic use and waste for all of us.

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