Thursday, 10 May 2018

Fitted or Made-to-measure Furniture in a Loft / Attic Conversion?

In Bristol, it seems that every road has got scaffolding up and a loft conversion is underway, but many customers are faced with a difficult choice furniture wise when everything is finished.

Access to a loft conversion is often very tight, with narrow stairs / lack of head room / 90 degree turns / etc, making it impossible to carry standard furniture up to the new room.

Many customers will opt for fitted furniture, which can suit the space well, but here at Green Woods Furniture, we can offer bespoke solutions, using custom made, free standing units, built up to give a fitted look, but with the convenience and styling options that free standing units provide.

We recently furnished a new loft room in Failand, just outside Bristol, providing a run of hanging wardrobes which fitted neatly under the eaves and down one side of the bedroom.

This run of wardrobes was based on our Plank Gate wardrobe range, but tweaked, so that we were able to install three bespoke size double wardrobes down one side, building the unit up from component parts in situ (since access to the room was very tight).

The customer was able to design these units with us, which can now be taken away, if necessary and cost wise, they worked out less than having a bespoke fitted unit put in.

Any of our designs can be tweaked in this way - why not drop us a line to see what we can do for you?

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