Friday, 9 February 2018

The Beauty of Genuine Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Here at Green Woods Furniture, we have several stunning ranges made from reclaimed wood.

Using old roof and floor timbers from demolished buildings gives these pieces real character and a quite different look to standard, new pine wood, such as our unique, reclaimed Brentwood bed, above, handmade by a skilled, Bristol based maker.

Over the years, we've extended our ranges, but are always open to creating customer's own unique pieces, with some of these often finding their way in to our standard offering.

We also now offer four distinct standard finishes, Classic rustic, Natural Rustic, Whitewash and Clean Planed.

Our whitewash finish, using a natural AURO 160 white woodstain, has produced some fantastic results and we've also experimented with different colour stains, creating unique contrast pieces.

Another development has been to mix the different finishes. 

For example, a recent order for a customer featured two whitewashed wardrobes handmade to their distinct requirements, with drawers and door panels done in a textured rustic, but the rest of the wardrobe done in clean planed (also with a whitewash).

The end result was two unique units that perfectly complemented each other and fitted the room perfectly. 

For more on our stunning reclaimed wood ranges, please visit our website at or visit our Bristol showroom, at 27 Zetland Road BS6 7AH.

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