Friday, 12 January 2018

Why Can’t I Find Furniture to Fit my House?

How often do you find yourself asking this question?

In the UK, with our “challenging” weather, a fireplace is a common feature of most homes - whether it’s a traditional, Victorian style house or a more modern design, a fireplace provides a great focal point for the room, as well as breaking up what might otherwise be a straightforward box.

This does of course then create two distinct alcoves, which are perfect for shelves, cabinets, chests, etc, but are often of different sizes and slightly obscure sizes at that.

One way to go is to have fitted furniture, ie actually screwing a unit or some plank style shelves in to the walls of the house. This can be a great solution, but can be quite costly and, when the time does come to move, you won’t be taking those expensive units away.

This is where Green Woods Furniture comes in!

As well as being ethically sourced (and UK made!) all of our furniture, beds and (organic) mattresses can be made to any size you want, right down to the nearest millimetre.

We can also create bespoke configurations and even entire designs to your exact specifications (as well as bespoke sized shelf planks!).

For advice on how to create a made to measure piece, please email us ( or, for inspiration, have a look at our website

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