Friday, 21 July 2017

Why Trees Are Important

With the recent news that our (local) Bristol city council are reducing their tree budget from a measly £240,000 to a paltry £53,000, we thought we'd look at some reasons why trees are so important.

Trees help the environment
Trees absorb CO2 - an acre of trees will absorb as much CO2 as your car emits over 26,000 miles.

Trees help to clean the air
Incredibly, trees help to reduce air pollution, by absorbing pollutant gases and odours and also trapping particulates on their leaves and bark.

Trees cool the streets and city
Trees shade our homes and roads and also release water vapour, breaking up the concrete heat islands in modern cities.

Trees reduce violence and help healing
Urban areas with a higher tree count have less incidents of violence from residents and trees have also been proven to speed up healing in patients.

Trees help prevent soil erosion
By breaking up rainfall and allowing water to run down their branches and trunk to the earth below, trees are able to reduce run off and keep soil in place.

Trees provide a canopy for wildlife
Many animals rely on trees for their survival.

Trees provide a sustainable supply of fuel and building materials
Perhaps the most relevant for what we do at Green Woods Furniture, ie promoting the use of sustainable wood as a renewable material.

These are just some of the reasons why we should be planting more trees than ever - hopefully Bristol City Council will respond to the outcry and reverse this decision...

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