Saturday, 3 September 2016

#Organic September

Small changes make a big difference. 
Why not switch to organic with us this month?

Choose between 1000, 1500 or 3000 individually pocketed springs. We are offering a range of comfort preferences, from soft to extra firm. All mattresses come with full organic certification.

Ever wondered how the organic wool in our mattresses is made?

We sell a range of ethical and luxurious bedding items from mattress protectors to pillow cases. All our bedding is made from eco friendly products, from the organic wool in the duvets which is grown in South West Turkey to the organic cotton in all bedding from Kyrgyzstan.

Did you know....

...that conventional cotton production uses around 11,000 litres of water for every kilogram of cotton produced? is estimated that less than 10% of chemicals applied to cotton fields are actually doing their jobs. The rest goes into the air, soil and water around the fields, harming or killing wildlife and farm workers, and severely affecting the ecology of the surrounding areas. certification sets very strict social and economic conditions for farmers and buyers which gives the growers a fair wage, safe working conditions and a good price for their produce from buyers. cotton does not allow the use of any genetically modified seeds which helps to protect natural biodiversity and ecology.

Made from thick, brushed organic cotton, giving a lovely top 
surface as well as offering protection for your mattress.

Elastic across each corner goes under the mattress to keep 
your protector in place, so our protectors can also be easily 
removed and machine washed (at up to 90C).

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