Tuesday, 16 June 2009

6 Organic Mattresses Now On Display

We now have six different organic mattresses on display in our Bristol Showroom - this is the largest display of organic mattresses anywhere in the UK!

All of our mattresses are handmade by Abaca in South Wales and are, we believe, the finest and healthiest mattresses available.

Models on show include four Pocket Sprung mattresses and two Latex mattresses and all are certified organic by the Soil Association.


  1. When your day is winding down and all you can think about is hitting the sack, do you consider what you are sleeping on or in? Most of us usually look only for comfort in a mattress, soft sheets, warm blankets and matching decor. Most people do not lay in bed and wonder what chemicals they will be inhaling all night. Organic mattresses are becoming more popular with the knowledge of major side effects from chemicals put in synthetic bedding.top rated organic mattress