Saturday, 6 October 2018

Looking for a Chemical Free or Vegan Bed?

Here at Green Woods Furniture, we have had a number of customers recently who have wanted their bed to be "chemical free" (ie avoiding glues and standard finishes), either because of chemical sensitivities or in wanting to avoid the use of materials which contain animal products.

Our Plank Panel beds (solid or slatted design) are an excellent choice for customers in this position.  The wood planks are large and therefore lend themselves to screwed, mortise type joints without the need for glue.  This does not affect the strength of the bed at all.  
To ensure a chemical free finish we then apply an AURO 160 wood stain – AURO products are natural, breathable and solvent-free and the 160 range is also vegan friendly. In fact these water based wood stains came top when compared to 22 other conventional and eco wood stains in the prestigious TEST magazine in Germany (the equivalent to the Which! report).
Please get in touch if you would like to discuss having a chemical, glue-free bed made for you – all of our beds are made in the UK and can be made to any size.

Plank Panel vegan chemical free bed
Plank Panel Solid Headboard / Footboard vegan / chemical free bed

Friday, 31 August 2018

Do You Want an Environmentally Friendly Bed?

All of our beds at Green Woods Furniture (and indeed all of our other products) are only made from timber which has come from either:

1.     Reclaimed UK wood – from floors and roof joists etc in old buildings. 
For example our Brentwood and Stockhill beds as below, or

2.     Legally certified, sustainable sources  (as under the European Union Timber Regulation along with FSC/PEFC/CSA certifications).
For example the Plank Panel and Ash Cherrington beds below.

We do not use endangered tropical hardwoods.

Additionally, all of our beds are hand-made in the UK and are therefore low in relative terms on travel miles compared to many furniture companies.  

And with our reclaimed beds, as the wood is also UK sourced, they are environmentally friendly in every respect! 

Reclaimed Brentwood Bed
Reclaimed Brentwood Bed

Reclaimed Stockhill Bed Reclaimed Stockhill Bed

In buying one of our beds made from reclaimed wood you will have a unique piece of furniture as it will be both hand-made for you and have its own individual marks which give it its character and remind us of its historical past.

Our pine and ash beds, where new wood is used, are made from either Scandinavian or yellow Quebec Pine and English Ash – all of it FSC, PEFC or CSA certified.  See for example our Plank Panel or Plank Gate beds (Pine) and our Cherrington beds (Ash) below:

Plank Panel Bed

Ash Cherrington bed
Ash Cherrington Bed

It is very important to us that all of our makers are using wood that has been certified in this way and that we are all part of the process of working with only ethically sourced and therefore environmentally friendly wood.   In addition the wood comes from local mills meaning waste is minimised and offcuts and shavings are re-used, recycled or used for fuel.

So if you want to buy a beautiful, solid, hand-made and environmentally friendly bed, please visit us either in our Bristol shop or online at
And once you have chosen your new bed you can, if you wish, choose one of our luxurious organic mattresses with bedding from our organic bedding range for a perfect night`s sleep!

Thursday, 7 June 2018

A Year On!

We`ve been in our new shop on Zetland Rd, Bristol for a year now.  We love it here!

Sustainable, made to measure UK furniture, beds and organic mattresses

There are trees outside the door and the shop windows look out over the tree-lined avenue of Salisbury Rd (see our blog “Why Trees are Important”).

Being nestled between the restaurants of Greens and Casa Mexicana, with Zzzone and the Saxophone shop just a few doors away means we enjoy our new(ish!) location even more.  

And of course, sitting so close to the Gloucester Rd and its many independent shops is a real bonus. We're now members of GRBID (Gloucester Rd Bristol Independent District) and look forward to being involved in their plans for the coming year.

So what do we hope for our year ahead?

We`ll be continuing to spread the word about our British-made, ethically sourced products, all of which can be made to measure and, in particular, to showcase the work of our local makers. 

We are also a stockist for AURO products (natural organic non-toxic paints, wood finishes and other household products) and will be promoting their new colour series - out soon.

Ultimately, be it our bespoke furniture, our organic mattresses or any of our accessories, we hope they work for you in your homes to both look beautiful and give you many years of practical use!

Thursday, 17 May 2018

New 'Plastic-free' label introduced for UK shoppers.

Plastic use and waste has, as we know, become a major issue throughout the world.  

We are now aware of the devastating impact our plastic use is having on the oceans and wider environment.  

We don’t yet know what the consequences may be on human health - we do know, however, that plastic has been found in tap water, sea salt and fish. 

Many of us are constantly looking for ways to reduce our own personal plastic waste and it`s encouraging now we are starting to see some of the larger businesses looking to do the same. 

The environmental campaign group A Plastic Planet today unveiled a “plastic-free” trust mark for businesses to use, particularly on food and drink products.  

This will guarantee no “hidden” plastic packaging.   

Early adopters of the trust mark are the supermarket Iceland and the tea company, Teapig.  

As supermarkets make up a large proportion of where people do their household shopping (not everyone is so lucky to have a Gloucester Rd on their doorstep!) we feel this is great news. 

If the pressure can be put on for other supermarket giants to follow suit, it will make it so much easier for people who want to make plastic-free choices to do so. 

Ultimately it could be a significant move forward to reducing plastic use and waste for all of us.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Fitted or Made-to-measure Furniture in a Loft / Attic Conversion?

In Bristol, it seems that every road has got scaffolding up and a loft conversion is underway, but many customers are faced with a difficult choice furniture wise when everything is finished.

Access to a loft conversion is often very tight, with narrow stairs / lack of head room / 90 degree turns / etc, making it impossible to carry standard furniture up to the new room.

Many customers will opt for fitted furniture, which can suit the space well, but here at Green Woods Furniture, we can offer bespoke solutions, using custom made, free standing units, built up to give a fitted look, but with the convenience and styling options that free standing units provide.

We recently furnished a new loft room in Failand, just outside Bristol, providing a run of hanging wardrobes which fitted neatly under the eaves and down one side of the bedroom.

This run of wardrobes was based on our Plank Gate wardrobe range, but tweaked, so that we were able to install three bespoke size double wardrobes down one side, building the unit up from component parts in situ (since access to the room was very tight).

The customer was able to design these units with us, which can now be taken away, if necessary and cost wise, they worked out less than having a bespoke fitted unit put in.

Any of our designs can be tweaked in this way - why not drop us a line to see what we can do for you?

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Proud to be supplying British made products.

Here at Green Woods Furniture, all of our furniture, beds and our certified Organic mattresses are handmade by skilled crafts people, right here in the UK.

Not only does this mean that the quality is very high, it also means that we are able to make anything to any size a customer requires and we're the only retailer in the UK that currently offers this service for all of our products.

We've also undertaken some interesting, bespoke designs for customers, creating totally unique pieces, for very affordable pieces, that are, essentially, one off designs, such as these two wardrobes for a local customer - based on our Reclaimed Vicky range, these have been tweaked to match the customers requirements and also feature split shelving / hanging and mirrors inside.

Rustic reclaimed white wash wardrobes made in the UK to size

Whether you're looking for a totally unique piece, or just want something made to an exact size (eg to fit snugly in an alcove) - please give us a shout and see what we can do for you, by clicking through to our website,

Friday, 9 February 2018

The Beauty of Genuine Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Here at Green Woods Furniture, we have several stunning ranges made from reclaimed wood.

Using old roof and floor timbers from demolished buildings gives these pieces real character and a quite different look to standard, new pine wood, such as our unique, reclaimed Brentwood bed, above, handmade by a skilled, Bristol based maker.

Over the years, we've extended our ranges, but are always open to creating customer's own unique pieces, with some of these often finding their way in to our standard offering.

We also now offer four distinct standard finishes, Classic rustic, Natural Rustic, Whitewash and Clean Planed.

Our whitewash finish, using a natural AURO 160 white woodstain, has produced some fantastic results and we've also experimented with different colour stains, creating unique contrast pieces.

Another development has been to mix the different finishes. 

For example, a recent order for a customer featured two whitewashed wardrobes handmade to their distinct requirements, with drawers and door panels done in a textured rustic, but the rest of the wardrobe done in clean planed (also with a whitewash).

The end result was two unique units that perfectly complemented each other and fitted the room perfectly. 

For more on our stunning reclaimed wood ranges, please visit our website at or visit our Bristol showroom, at 27 Zetland Road BS6 7AH.